Saturday, February 26, 2011

Leaving Las Vegas

Paris Hotel - Las Vegas Strip

This picture was taken on our last night in Las Vegas! We started our day off with a wonderful Hot Stone Massage and relaxed in the dry sauna with cucumbers on our eyes. Then we find out my sister's allergic to cucumbers because her eyes were puffy, red and itchy! What the heck - isn't the cucumbers suppose to take the puffiness away.....(we laughed, and I'm still laughing as I write this :o)~...) and she used half a bottle of Visine!

We had a great dinner at the Belagio Buffet. The food is awesome and the dessert is to die for! Of course we all gorged at the buffet and ate way too much! If you haven't visited the Belagio Hotel, it's a must stop!

I had a great trip with my family and now back to the grind! Till next time Lady Luck - My next trip will definitely be in the Summer time!


  1. I call Vegas home! So glad to hear that you had a nice stay here!!

  2. Thanks for the Good times! Let's plan the next trip as soon as it heats up! Nah - let's go for spring break!! Oh wait, we're not in school anymore! Let's just go ;o) Minus the cucumbers!!

  3. Thanks Holly Ann, I love going there. I think Vegas is my second home! :o)

  4. We went to Vegas a couple yrs ago and had some awesome times. I love breathing the air out there our air is full of stuffy humidity. Now following from todays hop swing by and check out my corner when ya get a chance!
    {tara} from Undeserving Grace


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