Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Day at the Fire Station

Taylor trying out dads BA!
My husband is a Fireman and works many holidays. When Christmas comes around and my husband has to work, Santa comes to our house one day early. My girls are excited to know that Santa makes a special trip to our house. They are also excited about spending the afternoon at the station and having dinner with their dad and other families.

My husbands station prepares THE best food spread ever. Of course I was too busy mingling and didn't get a picture of the wonderful Italian dinner and desserts.

We are blessed with our family and our fire family! May everyone have a safe and healthy New Year!

Nancy :o)


  1. How sweet to have an extended "fire family." I just love that. My boyfriend's brother is a firefighter, so I know what demanding (and dangerous!) work is to be done at times - thanks to your husband for being such a hardworking hero!

    And glad y'all had a merry Christmas all together!

    Stopping by from Mingle Monday. :)

  2. Cute photo of you and your husband! Stopping by from mingle monday!

  3. Awesome picture of my favorite niece!!!!

  4. Thanks Andrea and Classy Girl for the sweet comments and for following!

    Happy New Year! :o)


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