Let's Get Back To The Gym!

I have been procrastinating on going back to the gym. It all started with my kitchen remodel and then summer came, then school started, and then the holidays. Now it's time to get back on track. I normally journal my workouts on paper but thought, hey.. I might as well type it, its faster! Besides that, I'm hoping to meet others who blog their journey to get back on track to being healthy again - especially after this Christmas season! I must have gained 20lbs or so. 

I'm going to start running again. I was never a runner, never liked it and thought it was boring. But, I knew that this was the only way to keep me in shape.  I started running last year and found that I actually loved it. Registration for the Disney 1/2 Marathon is on Jan 3rd. and I will register for this! I will start going to the gym and will start my yoga again. That's something else I never like either - Yoga. Agh, put a needle in my eye.... I could never get into it until I started running. I needed the Yoga! My body started feeling more balanced, I had more energy and noticed how much better my body felt. And I loved my teacher. Now that my teacher is gone, I will be on the search for a new one. 

I hope that I can get advice and support from this and I would love to hear other peoples comments. I hope to follow others as well that are on this journey :o)

Thanks for stopping by! :o)

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