Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Year of the Rabbit

Happy New Year everyone! It's a wrap! While watching The Rose Parade this morning, I was packing away my Christmas decorations. Boy~ does it feel good to have everything in its place again. 

Now it's time to purge, purge, purge for the New Year! I am hoping that I'm not the only person cleaning on New Years day.  Chinese New Year is now approaching us on February 3, 2011.  I have this terrible superstition that my house needs to be clean and uncluttered before  February 3rd or I will not have good luck upon us for the New Year. When does everyone else start their purging? Is it the beginning of the new year or is it in the Spring?

My older daughter is especially excited for this year because she was born under the Year of the Rabbit. This is her 2nd Year of the Rabbit and you've guessed it, she will be twelve this year. The best thing about celebrating Chinese New Year is teaching my girls the importance of culture.

For more information on Chinese New Year click here !


  1. Great info! I will be making year of the rabbit charms!

  2. Great blog came over via hapa girls

  3. I always do a serious purge/clean the first week of the New Year! Just an odd urge I have. I get the same feeling around Spring time and then again in Winter. I guess it's just the sense of change and wanting to begin things fresh and new.

  4. Maybe it's catching...I spent all today cleaning too. I'd have loved to have been born Year of the rabbit...Hubby and Son are both Year of the Dragon and I am Year of the Rat! (not very cuddly)
    Hope 2011 is an excellent year for you all.

  5. Hi all! Thanks for visiting and following! I too wish I were the year of the Rabbit because my daughter seems to be lucky, alot!

    Happy New Year! :o)

  6. I'm working on a paperwork purge and jewelry inventory.

    Will follow your blog to enter giveaway.

  7. Came via hapagirls! Following.

    My little brother was a year of the rabbit baby, and he's turning 12 as well.

  8. gong hee fot choy

    new follower here too!

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  12. Hi Nancy, I found you on Mingle Monday.
    I didn't realize it will be the year of the Rabbit--that's my year!
    I did some cleaning over the weekend too: I cleaned out the pantry so we could put pull out drawers in it. I can't believe some of the stuff we had in there!
    btw, I really like the jewelry pictures on here. They're so sparkly :)


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